If you are like most people than I’m guessing that stress issues did not really settle in until you graduating college or high school. It is stressful enough trying to complete either, but living on your own and growing up is no where near as easy as one would think. Younger people these days are overwhelmed with stress for a variety of reasons. Here is a short list I compiled:

Your Job. Chances are you have taken a job that doesn’t pay what you were hoping you’d receive coming out of school. Or you are paid well but it is affecting your personal life and is extremely stressing. Either way you are not happy. You should never let your work become you. Separating work and personal life is essential for stress relief.

You don’t take time for yourself. Whether you are rushing from one place to the next or constantly catering to friends and family, it’s important to take a timeout. There are many quick and effective stress relief activities that will cleanse your stress. Simple breathing exercises or even taking time out for a few laughs will work wonders. Even better if the people around you have you laughing at your leisure.

People around you. Sounds like common sense, yes I know. But people around you influence your mood way more than we think. Surrounding yourself unknowingly with negative people will drag you down with them. They will make their problems yours. Don’t we have enough problems? They will attempt to categorize you with them, even if you are head and shoulders ahead of them. And who knows maybe they are using you for a number of reasons, one of them being money.

Debt. You’re in it. You want to get out of it. The majority of students graduate (or don’t graduate) college with a massive amount of loans these days. It’s pretty amazing that student debt has surpassed credit card debt recently. It’s important to slow down with spending expenses and really hone in on what will impact your life the most. Setting time aside to prioritize your bills can reduce your worrying by having a clearer picture of your expenses.